Self-catering balcony: Draw up an attachment plan

Admittedly, it is not easy for me to draw up an installation plan in advance. I much prefer to start straight away in spring. But if you want to transform your balcony garden into a self-catering balcony, there is no way around solid cultivation planning! Only then can you get the maximum harvest from the balcony all year round!

Make a balcony sketch

Take a sheet of paper and draw your balcony. It helps to know the dimensions of the balcony. So briefly outside to take the dimensions there. So you can roughly calculate how many boxes you can attach to the railing.

In the second step, you write on your balcony sketch how the sunshine is during the day. How is it in the morning and how is the light in the evening? You have no idea? Then take your smartphone at hand and take a look at the compass app. Knowledge of the sunshine on your balcony will help you determine the best location for the respective plants (in the article “The Basics” you will find an overview of plants).

Tip from the garden miss: Copy your blank balcony sketch and draw up a plan with the plants that will be planted in the spring and another plan with the plants that will come in the box in the summer.

Draw in planters

Then you draw your planters in the plan: balcony boxes, pots, raised beds and what else you want to use as planters or have already purchased.
On my balcony there are two steel beams on the right and left – these can be wonderfully used as a climbing aid! Maybe you have a gutter on your balcony – then there are special pots that you can attach there. By the way: don’t forget the furniture on the plan – after all, there should also be space for you 🙂

Take the duration of the crop into account

Most balcony gardeners manage to plant everything in the spring, but no sooner are the first lettuces harvested there will be a gap in the boxes. So also deal with the duration of the crop: how long does a plant take before it is ready to harvest? You will find information on the seed packet. My blogger colleague Stefan from parzelle94 also created a very helpful overview list.

Enter plants in the sketch

In your balcony sketch, you enter all the plants that you want to plant during the year. Here you can also take into account that some plants such as Spinach and lettuce are only in the boxes in spring and autumn (it is often much too hot in summer and they form seed heads very quickly), while tomatoes can be found on the balcony from mid-May to late September and only need to be planted out once.

Try a lot

If this is your first growing season on the balcony, you need to be a little adventurous and try as much as possible – every balcony is different! Depending on how big or small your balcony is, you can of course also decide during the year that you might want to take a break from cultivation. This is especially useful if you have planned a longer summer vacation.

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