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Well the day is over! After several months of slow work on the master makeover, I will finally share the final look today !! This was such a long process (mainly due to the fact that I couldn’t decide on many things!), But I’m really glad to say it has been done. Our bathroom looks better than ever and I love how it all comes together. Moreover, it’s really functional now, which is really missing before. I have a lot of stocks, so jump! First, let’s start with a little fun reminder of how this bathroom looked when we started:

Very much in 1988, right? It definitely needed a lot of help. My husband and I were undergoing a refurbishment ourselves, and here’s how we took care of our original construction in 2017:

Much better! I really did love using old hairdressers as vanities, but unfortunately they just didn’t hold all that well for us. The color drops all the time and we had a lot of water damage around the tap area. In addition, there was small storage space, which was always a challenge. I knew we had to change here, but I kept it. Finally, last summer I started the process by making this space a little more functional. Here’s what it looks like today:

Lots of changes, right? I still can’t tell you how much I like this place now. The first thing we did was to remove these vanities and replace them with them. I love the black granite top and vanity even has a thumbs up on it. The material was silver, so we sprayed only black to match the top. We have a lot more storage now !!

You may remember a few months ago that I was able to decide what to do with the faucet and the mirror. I wanted to change them, so we talked about all my choices in this post. Well after a lot of back and forth, I finally settled into this fountain. And I love it. Just love the vintage / farm feel and match the vanity style perfectly.

The mirrors here are from Target and are so affordable !! I looked at a ton of mirror options and that was my favorite – I really wanted to go with a brass mirror and the size on it was right. It comes in a few color options and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a round mirror!  The cute rugs are also from Target.

Finally, we replaced the lamp. I was so excited to find this one, which is black with a bit of bronze that I love so much. It is perfect for this bathroom. We also painted and I’m glad we did. The color before was just too dark for this small space. I never ever loved her. We have painted over this with Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams and I really like it. What’s more, it really connects to our tile!

I feel so good to finally get this makeover off the to-do list. And now we have a bathroom with real storage! For that matter. Now I feel like they’re more together. Everything feels a little more streamlined and not so thick if they do! Anyway, thanks for the rejection to see the master makeover. Let me know if you have questions about anything.

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