My bed planning

For a long time I thought about whether I should even make a contribution to the bed planning for you. Probably many of you would like that but now it comes: As I am in life, I am also in the garden. That means – rather little planned and moderately well structured 🙂 But what can I say, so far it always worked out quite well * hihi *
Be honest: even a garden girl has to work on herself! To be honest, I have long wished that I would finally be able to harvest plenty of vegetables and other delicacies in late summer / autumn. But since my planning usually only extends to the tomato harvest, it was rather poor so far.

Well, then I want to try it! After all, in the end only my garden can become more beautiful and my harvest more lush. Are you helping me Maybe you have tips or advice for me. I’m going to show you how I go about it.

Tasty: I only grow what I like. Is it logical or? That’s why I first think about what I would like to enjoy from my own garden this year. There are vegetables, because the difference to the supermarket shelf is simply enormous. Just like with carrots, tomatoes or cucumbers. For onions, leeks or celery, on the other hand, it doesn’t make much difference to me. Then I decide what to put in the bed. The experience from previous years then flows into it, because not everything in the garden will be something 🙂 The broad beans get a very last chance, maybe this time I will be able to save them from the lice.

A question of space: Since there are only two beds available and there is only limited time to care for them, I have to think carefully about what has priority and what I can not do without. In addition, the planning here is really worth its weight in gold, because as soon as radishes or spinach have been harvested there is room for new plants – I will replace them with e.g. the tomatoes. My goal for this year is to have every vacant bed space occupied again. I have already put cloves of garlic between the strawberries that have been planted since last year. There are also a few large buckets on the terrace that are home to rosemary, sage, lavender and flowers.

Check the seed supply: In the meantime I have already accumulated a lot of seeds from the past years. But does everything really still germinate? A germ test is not wrong here. Here, e.g. 10 seeds on a damp kitchen towel, cover it with foil and after a few days check whether the majority of the grains start to germinate. If no, it is better to sow with fresh seeds.
Of course I would also like to try out a few new varieties. For example, I am particularly enthusiastic about the idea of ​​open source seeds. There are also so many exciting types of vegetables – I just ordered a few bags of fresh seeds from my garden colleagues to the bed friends. There is also a seed festival coming up, where I hope for varieties that work particularly well here in my region.

Young plants vs. Prefer: I will not prefer everything from seeds. I always get a few tomato plants from my mother, also a cucumber, kale, Brussels sprouts and one or the other flower will move in as a strong plant.

Get to the pens: Since I’m really not a gifted artist, I first searched the internet for a corresponding utility program for a long time. I finally got stuck with the free garden planner from Gardena. There I copied my garden in a few clicks and then simply printed out the template. There is something different to scale, but that’s enough for my purposes. There are also placeholders for some plants, but I find writing them easier / better.

There are already some permanent beds in the bed. These include the strawberries (I put the garlic in between them a few weeks ago), the Mediterranean herbs as well as lemon balm and the chives. My planting plan is now being created around them. By the way, both beds lie in the sun all day long. In addition, marigolds, cosmeen, borage and tagetes thrive on their own year after year. I only transplant them within the beds to the places where I want them. If the spinach and radishes are harvested (since the location is very sunny and they usually shoot too quickly for me a pure spring vegetable for me), tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and a cucumber come into the bed from the end of May. In addition to the broad beans, there is also space for these summer vegetables. In late summer, when carrots and peas are harvested, kale and Brussels sprouts find a home here. If there are still free places, I will fill them with different lettuce plants.

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