Modern candle holders to light the fire

Object of decoration in its own right, the candlestick is renewed. He is no longer hiding, even showing off. Forget the silver candelabra with branches or the crystal candelabra with pendants. Make way for the modern candlestick. Shopping.

No longer just a simple support, the candlestick becomes design. Minimalist lines, clean forms, graphic design … the classic chandelier is reinvented to become a modern candlestick. Indispensable for small decor, it warms our interiors while giving it character. It is the little detail that makes the difference and punctuates an atmosphere. Like a sculpture, the modern candlestick is on display for our greatest pleasure. Ideal for creating a soft and subdued light atmosphere, it is scattered throughout the house. To boost the candlestick a little more, we associate it with candles with designer shapes, in the same color palette or simply white.

How to integrate a modern candle holder at home?

Do not panic, the modern candle holder easily blends into any interior. In wood, it gives a Scandinavian, Zen or Japandi spirit. Made of brass, it brings a touch of sparkle and sophistication to any table. Need to free up floor space or energize a white wall? Opt for the wall candle holder.
We do not hesitate to play on accumulation and we multiply sizes, shapes, materials and colors. All for a modern and ultra trendy mismatched look.

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