Bed planning: a summer garden update

At the beginning of the year, I started a detailed bed planning for my hobby gardener career. In the past years it was always a bit uncoordinated and I quickly lost the overview. With the bed planning, I simply wanted to bring more order and optimal use of the beds. There was a first update in May, which you can look at again here.

The success in the vegetable patch

I like the area around my little red garden shed best (that’s where my garden tools are). I put dahlias and sunflowers on the side. After successfully defending them against the snails, the sunflowers are now blooming and the dahlias have already started to bud. For me, this area is like from the children’s book by “Pettersson and Findus”. Pure Swedish romance! Now all that’s missing are the mucklas and a couple of chickens who are drinking coffee with me in the garden 🙂 I still lack a nice old wooden barrel on the side of the hut that catches the sparse rain. We are already at the next point.

The problem with drought

Rain is in short supply this summer. Unfortunately there is no water connection in the garden and so I have refilled the 1,000 liter barrel with my neighbors three times. Without their help, I would currently be unable to grow anything and everything would dry up. You can tell that the plants are reaching their limit. The tomatoes simply got too little water, which you can tell from the relatively hard skin. In the meantime I have started to mulch the beds properly, which helps quite a bit. But even the bushes in the hedge have left their leaves hanging. The garden just looks very dry and worn out.

Bye broad beans

I had given the broad beans one last chance. They also did really well and the lice did not show up for a long time. But after I harvested the first time, the plague came over the beans. Since there was no second bloom anyway, the broad beans were banned from the bed with a heavy heart. The work just isn’t worth it for the few beans and I’d rather give the space to another vegetable. Now there are a few basil and lettuce plants.

The peas on my self-made trellis are now harvested and over. I was supposed to take them out, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. In the past few weeks it was so hot that I could hardly plant anything new, because the young plants would have fallen victim to the strong sunlight.

The garlic is now ripe and I’m just harvesting it piece by piece and processing each of the tubers freshly. This is how it tastes best. I cut the strawberries back slightly. Some now form new flowers again! I also regularly fertilize with the delicious nettle broth 🙂

Endless berries

The blackberries that surround the entire garden are full of delicious fruits. The apricot tree has borne again for years and the rest of the trees on the orchard are over and over full, so I’m next looking forward to plums. In addition, this autumn I finally want to get all the apples juiced.

How should it go on?

I seriously ask myself how this should go on in the garden in the next few years, because without tipping tap water on my beds, I don’t have much to do with sustainable gardening anymore. Perhaps I should get more into the principles of permaculture. Do you have any experience and some tips here? I will also have to rethink my bed and garden planning in the coming years. The Mediterranean herbs feel incredibly comfortable here and do not need water. I was already thinking of creating a terrace garden in which lots of herbs and wildflower mixtures grow.

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